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God, Slow me Down.

HITTITES Graffitti B.C. 2000

Soothing my mind to rest my heart … Showing the infinity of time, this hectic pace balanced … Give me the tranquility of the hills in the chaos of the day will live forever. The nerves and muscles, the tension, melody rivers wash in my memory, dreams. Help me hear the fascinating and the healing power of sleep … Teach the art of instant pleasures of living; slowing to look at a flower, stopping to caress a nice dog or cat, beautiful (from a book) read a few lines, to handle the fish, to see dreams of Teach … Remind me each day the myth of the tortoise and the hare. Reminder To determine that the race is always run at speed, increase the speed of life is much more important things to know … Provide up to take care of the majestic oak tree branches. Let me see look at that, he is such a strong and large the growth is slow and depends on good … Soil and roots, permanent values of life to slow me down My God to send help. Help me out, however, the stars of destiny to rise up as a more mature and more healthy. And most importantly … God, COURAGE to change the things I can not change me, PATIENCE to accept the things would not change, WISDOM to know the difference between the two, and FRIENDS over me to protect me from the lies of blindness …

( Hittite B.C. 2000 in Graffitti was passed )


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