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EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), as you may know, is founded in the reprocessing of the past.  Its goal is to free the patient from the shackles of their distressing memories that prevent growth and development (among many other physiological and psychological events).  If successful, the patient's new mental freedom allows them to analyze these memories, no longer trapped in the past and unable to move on into the future.  The past is where it (psychologically) belongs: behind them.  The patient can now learn from it to grow beyond it.


Our approach to modern talking therapy takes inspiration from this practice.  EMDRKW uses the most effective and up-to-date techniques available to us (and you).  Contemporary Talking Therapy is in a constant state of growth and development.  Its form is, of course, beholden to past research, but it is not bound to it.   We are open to all of the new and highly effective therapeutic approaches that continue to develop daily; All of which are grounded in solid theoretical understanding and often backed by significant neuroscience and investigative research into their short-term and long-term effectiveness.

Individual Therapy

Personal Development with EMDR



with EMDR

EMDR therapy is a powerful technique to help clients move past the barriers and unconscious conflicts that can interfere with their conscious efforts towards personal success and happiness. My experience has shown that integrating EMDR into personal coaching brings individual therapy to a whole new level. By the way, only licensed mental health professionals are EMDR-certified. But don’t let the "therapist as a life coach/life coach as therapist" intimidate you.

When I am hired as a coach, I do just that (well, mostly, until the therapist in me wonders where the interference is coming from!). That said, problems may surface from time to time during our coaching sessions, and EMDR is particularly helpful in meeting these obstacles head-on. EMDR can reveal the undertow of mental blocks – long standing resistant negative thoughts, critical self-perceptions, survivor's guilt, anxiety, self-esteem issues – and inhibitions that hold us back from success. Most importantly, the healing of these issues is self-generated. EMDR can empower the mind to heal itself.


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I’ve successfully worked with many couples who desire a healthier and more satisfying relationship. I work with many high-functioning couples who would like to enhance their relationship by reestablishing intimacy and connection. I also work with individuals at various stages of relationships: newly-formed, couples seeking pre-marital counselling and guidance, new parents seeking support, those considering separation or divorce, and the newly single, ready to date. 


I draw from attachment-based theory to help couples understand the behavioural patterns of their relationship. Clients can learn and then reinforce the principles of effective communication. Clients are also guided to identify and de-escalate triggers, address sex and intimacy concerns and understand how the past and family-of-origin issues may be impacting the relationship in the present. 

I use my training from The Gottman Institute, as well as Emotionally Focused Therapy or EFT and Non-Violent Communication or NVC in my work with couples.

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Coupls Therapy

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Children and


EMDR is recognised by the World Health Organisation (2013) as an effective therapy for children and adolescents who have experienced traumatic events. It also has the highest recommendation for Children and Adolescents with PTSD from the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ISTSS, 2018).

It is very common for children and adolescents to feel worried following a trauma. In most cases symptoms improve within a few weeks. Unfortunately, a small percentage will go on to develop symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as well as other symptoms such as anxiety or hopelessness.

PTSD is caused by an inability to process the traumatic event naturally, often when the traumatic event feels especially overwhelming, shocking or distressing. An indication that your child or teenager may be struggling with symptoms of trauma following a traumatic event may include disturbances (episodes of ‘remembering’ the original event), flashbacks (where the child or adolescent may behave as if they are re-experiencing the original event) or avoidances of reminders of the event alongside behavioural or emotional changes. For some young people, therapy may be beneficial.

Here is a useful animation to explain EMDR to children, adolescents and their caretakers:

EMDR for Children and Ad


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EMDR Therapists

Providing a creative and culturally-responsive approach that makes EMDR feel as natural as healing itself. As an EMDRIA Approved Consultant, my goal is to make EMDR feel like a natural, intuitive process, both for you and your clients.

Clinicians beginning their journey in EMDR often feel the process is complicated, mechanical or detached. With guidance and practice, EMDR can feel more spontaneous and natural, so you can trust your client’s process and native capacity to heal.


Group Therapy



EMDR KW Counselling runs free group works to support the client’s healing journey.

EMDR Consultations
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