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EMDR KW Counselling by Gulin Aydin, Psychotherapist located in Waterloo, Ontario.

EMDR Online

Is it Just as Effective?

EMDR Online is a complete Eye Movement Therapy specifically designed for anyone to use at-home when unable to perform an in-person session. Online therapy also provides added freedom to find the best therapist to meet your needs across the globe. Your treatment is no longer bound by location. The comfort of being treated at home, rather than travelling to-and-from an unfamiliar environment, must also be acknowledged as a possible benefit.


I have a lot of experience treating all kinds of trauma using EDMR techniques online. On-Screen finger movement tracking combined with bilateral audio through headphones allow the full potential of EMDR to exist even when we are not in the same room. Virtual EMDR therapy can be performed over any video conferencing platform. All that is needed is an internet connection, a screen, headphones, a microphone, and of course, you.

Whether in-person or online, the same precautions are performed to ensure your safety and readiness before a session.

We consider ourselves as one of the best EMDR online or in-person clinics in Ontario.

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