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Gulin Aydin @ EMDR Canada Annual Conference 2020

EMDR: Present Healing, Future Hope

April 24-25-26, 2020


One of the speakers: Gulin Aydin Gulin’s Presentation EMDR treatment for stuttering – A case study ” When you talk over my stutter, you steal my voice. “ Gulin Aydin MSW is a certified EMDR therapist and EMDRIA Approved Consultant. Her background includes more than a decade of experience in various clinical and counselling settings as a clinician/ consultant and now she has her own private practise in Kitchener/Waterloo, ON. She specializes in treating adult trauma, especially those related to sexual abuse/assault, childhood abuse/neglect, war torture, psychosomatic illnesses, chronic pain, depression and anxiety. She is also on the board of Sexual Assault Support Center of Kitchener and works with Victim Quick Response Team of Waterloo Region. She presents “Update Your Brain to Upgrade Your Life” workshops.

For the conference to be held in Niagara-On-The-Lake in 2020, EMDR Canada is proud to present Dr Ignacio (Nacho) Jarero EdD, PhD and Elan Shapiro MA as keynotes speakers. They will talk about how EMDR clinicians can expand their clinical horizons with Adaptive Information Processing (AIP) and present the latest developments in the field of EMDR Early Intervention (EEI). Please take time to browse through all of our speakers as they will be discussing a range of interesting topics.


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